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Download KMSpico

Download KMSpico – Activator for Windows and Office

KMSpico 11 is an activation tool that is used to activate Microsoft Office and Windows products. This tool provides you with activation of Microsoft Office and Windows products . The latest version of KMSPico is worthy of praise today because you can not buy activation keys for different products all the time, and some features of this beneficial software can not be used without activation. Therefore, the user who faces the difficulty of unlicensed products only follows the guidelines and uses the final version of KMSpico to activate their products.
The KMSpico activator is used to activate Microsoft Office, Windows 7,8 and 10. When you run this tool, some background processes are initiated to help you activate Office and Windows. Compatible systems:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • MS Office 2016
  • office 365
  • Office 2013
  • Office 2010
  • Office 2007

Note: We will update the tool when a new Windows operating system appears on the market.

How to download and install the KMSPico tool?

You have an envelope that is and how the KMSpico program works after reading the above information . Now, we will guide you on how to perform the download of the Internet KMS activator program. We have mentioned some links, so follow the links to get your activator for life. It is the best and most powerful tool for the activation process of the MS product: Windows and Office. Simply download this software for free and install it on your PC. After installation, all inactive MS products will be activated without any additional steps. Here we have provided some guidelines to download and install the KMS tool:

  • First, disable the firewall and all antivirus programs. (See the screenshot for help)
  • Disable antivirus protection
  • Now, visit our site to download the KMSPico activator program from here. (See other previous versions) If any of the links does not work, choose the second link to download.
  • Once the download is complete, install it on your computer.
  • After installation, visit the installation directory and search for KMSpico.
  • Now, click on the KMSeldi application. exe. (see photo below) Run anyway, Kms.
  • A new window with 3 buttons will appear.
  • Click on the red button.
  • Wait a few minutes.
  • After some time a pop-up window will appear with the status that your request has been activated correctly. Now, your window and office are fully activated, so enjoy them with all the features.

How does KMSpico Activator work?

  1. Simply click on the activation button and wait until the activation process begins. (Disable the antivirus if you can not download)
  2. Right-click on the installation icon to run the configuration and it works on the PC system.
  3. The third step is when the installation process ends. Restart your device. And now you have successfully activated your Windows or Microsoft Office.

Finally, verify that your version of Office and Windows are activated. The latest version of KMSpico is introduced that activates and improves the performance of your window or office. The final version is designed to activate Windows 10, but it can also be used to activate MS Office 2010, MS Office 2013, MS Office 2016, MS Windows 7, MS Windows 8, MS Windows 8.1 and MS Windows 10. Basically, the KMSpico program overwrites the installed key and duplicates the KMS server on the PC. All products are activated using the KMS server instead of the MAK server. When you press the activator, you have to wait a few moments. The whole process will be executed in the background process and will take place automatically. KMSpico Activator finalit ensures activation of the Windows or Office product throughout life . KMSpico exchanges the Windows trial version for a fully activated version at no cost . Learn more about the key features of the latest version of KMSpico in Spanish here:

Key feature

  • Activate windows and office products When you install and use this software, activate Windows in Spanish and other Office products. The Windows version activated by the KMSpico looks like the current window. It will support the update of the operating system, its services and other updates as if you had the paid version.
  • Lifetime activation You can use Windows or Office throughout your life with fully activated features. It is for an unlimited time, there are no test periods for KMSpico like any other software. In other words, you can call it a lifelong solution.
  • No fraud or detection problems The KMSpico developers team has developed features such that the Microsoft server can not detect it. Your team of developers makes updates on it to maintain it. Create a new server on your PC that activates your Windows or Office according to that server.
  • N-Bit operating system It supports 32 bits and a 64-bit operating system such as MS Windows 7, MS Windows 8, MS Windows 8, MS Windows 8.1, MS Windows 10 in its Spanish versions as well, however, it is not compatible with Windows XP and earlier
  • Free of viruses and insurance When you download software from any source, whether in Spanish or not, then some software contains viruses and malware. But KMSpico assures you that there is no malware or virus in the tool.
  • No training needed You do not need training or knowledge to run this software. You only have to click on the Activate button to activate your product. After clicking on the button, some processes run in the background and activate your product after a few minutes. You will receive a notification after successful activation.
  • No Cost KMS Pico is free and there are no extra charges for activating the window. It provides the support for life. You could enjoy many of its free features.

    Characteristics of KMSpico

    • KMSpico Activator is used to activate the MS office (different version from 2010 to 2016), either 32 bits or 64 bits.
    • Automatically detects the product version.
    • KMS is free and free of viruses and malware.
    • Your activation process works without the Internet.
    • KMS provides you with a true and pure activation of Windows or Office.
    • Supports multiple languages
    • Your PC should have done it. Net framework 4.0 or higher version.

    Pros and cons

    It provides you with different facilities that other activators do not provide. You can also make a comparison based on the following key points:

    • Supports different product languages.
    • It is secure and protected (it does not access your private data).
    • The total size occupied by KMS-peak is <5MB.
    • Access the resources of the public system.
    • It does not contain viruses or malware.
    • It provides you with the lifetime activation of your product.

If we talk about their cons, we can not find anything. It’s free of charge, free of viruses, a gift in its entirety.